Calcium Citrate Malate

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We at Posy Pharmachem Pvt. LTD is one of the Prime manufacturer of Calcium Citrate Malate. Its CAS number is 142606 – 53 – 9. It is Water soluble calcium salt of Citric acid and Malic acid. Our main motto to manufacture this product is ingrained mainly from its high oral bio availability and we are supplying this product to Pharma industries.

Bio availability:

The bio availability of CCM is higher due to its water soluble character and its dissolution power. When it dissolves in the body, the calcium in the CCM is released as Calcium ions and Calcium citrate complex. In these Calcium ions are absorbed directly in the Gastro intestinal cells whereas the Calcium citrate complex enters the body by passing the epithelial membrane such as apical membrane and Baso lateral membrane.

Thus, the oral bioavailability of CCM is higher and about 40% of more calcium is absorbed in the blood, when compared to Calcium citrate (about 28%) and Calcium carbonate (12%). Thus because of its unique feature, the calcium citrate malate supplement is mostly prescribed instead of calcium carbonate and other calcium supplements.

Calcium Supplement:

The calcium supplement should be considered as important part of diet. As per experts suggestion the daily requirement of Calcium should be around 500mg to 1500mg with respect to age. Only 20 to 30% of Calcium is absorbed from the diet and thus each individual is recommended to consume calcium supplement tablets.


The CCM is used to increase the bone mass thereby decreasing risk of diseases like Osteoporosis, Osteomalacia and other related diseases. Intake of Calcium in the form of CCM decreases the risk of Kidney stone formation and thus CCM is prescribed for patients with kidney stones instead of Calcium carbonate.

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