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Posy Pharmachem Pvt Ltd is one of leading manufacturing company involved in the manufacturing of Citrate derivatives and EDTA and Sodium cmc derivatives. Our manufacturing plant is GMP certified plant due to quality procedures followed and maintained. Being a GMP certified plant; it offers products with high quality and purity.

Good laboratory Practice is also followed to get products with uniformity, reliability and with high quality. Each and every process from the manufacturing, testing and quality assurance are clearly observed and processed to prevent the process from any deviation. Thus ensures our product to be used safely in other industries without any risk.

We are following the below guidelines to maintain our facility:

  • Procedures are followed to maintain clean and hygienic facility for manufacturing.
  • Environmental conditions are controlled in such a way cross contamination of products are prevented.
  • Each and every area of the manufacturing process are clearly defined and controlled.
  • Good documentation practices are followed to communicate with all employees effectively.
  • Proper training provided with the help of training professionals.
  • A system is followed by recalling the products that are sold, if there is any deviation from the standard quality.
  • Complaints received are examined and investigated to prevent recurrence.

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