Potassium Citrate

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Potassium Citrate is also known as “Tri Potassium Citrate” which is potassium salt of citric acid with the molecular formulation. This is also available in IP/BP/USP Pharmacopeia.


  • Potassium Citrate is white hygroscopic crystalline powder.
  • It is Odorless with the saline taste.
  • Very soluble in Water & Glycerin, where practically insoluble in Ethanol.


  • Potassium Citrate is potassium salt widely used as acidity regulator & preservative in food & Beverages.
  • Further it can be used in a wide variety of industries like Food, Beverages and Pharmaceutical etc.

Packaging & Storage:-

  • 25 kg Printed Paper Bag
  • Stored in a dry & ventilated warehouse.
  • Kept away from the moisture & Heat.

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